Friday, August 12, 2005

Higher Planes

Digging deep into my mind, I've found a strong desire to learn many things. I'm not sure if these are gifts only given to chosen people. Or if they're things that one can learn or train their mind to do. For example: I wish to learn to hear my higher self. I want to learn astral projectory, though I'm a little afraid of that one. I want to know peace and calm, and maybe that one will just come with age. I want to learn to control pain. So you see, there are many things I want to know. I read books of people claiming to know these things, but how do you know if you can trust them or not? I'm not very trusting of others when it comes to my mind. I do believe, though, that there are those out there whom have mastered their mind and can teach this to others. My next question is, how do you find them?

I very, very rarely dream. The other night was one of those rare experiences. I'm not sure if it was only a dream, however. I had a vision of a plane of bodiless beings. It was a place among the stars. There was no need for a physical body, their being was higher than that. I wasn't made aware of their purpose or reason for being. But I was left with a feeling of familiarity and closeness. Was this just a dream? Or, was it a plane of consciousness making itself known and available to me? I'm not sure.

I am a very analytical person by nature. I can never just accept anything given to me to be the truth. I just don't trust the human mind that way. However, I get the feeling that this was not of human creation. I usually appreciate my ablity to think things through to a better understanding. Though lately it seems to be more of a shortcoming than a gift. So, I'm going to stop here for now. Trying to prevent thinking myself into an unhelpful circle. Feedback is both welcome and appreciated.


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Firstly, Hey man - Fantastic picture!

Secondly, in terms of Dreaming, here's a little article I wrote on Lucid Dreaming (realising within The Dream...that All of it is...ONE). I include it as it's kinda related to the whole 'astral projection' thing. We all dream every night, roughly around every ninety minutes...but it's remembering them that can be the tricky part.


Wakey Wakey!

The following is a 'How to' Guide to whichever Dream you may find yourself in.

Firstly: The Three Signposts - which are: The Unusual; The Highly Emotional; and the Synchronistic/or Recurring. Whenever any of these three things come up in your day-to-day Life (ie: someone walks past you with a huge pink stuffed toy elephant; You find yourself experiencing deep anxiety, fear or anger; You experience a highly improbable series of recurring coincidences), this is the perfect time to do a 'Reality Check'.

Whenever any of the above 'Three Signposts' appear in your life, do the 'Reality Check'. This is done by asking yourself (I advise - quietly) the question "Is this all real - Am I dreaming?" In doing this, you're trying to condition yourself to ask this question every time the bizarre, surreal or emotional happens. After asking yourself the "Is this a Dream?" question, then you do a 'Reality Test'. Now this is the really fun part.

You can do any number of 'tests' to test reality. You can try to fly (you may want to try this one when not too many people are watching!); Try moving something with only your mind (my personal favourite because others aren't aware of your intentions); Change the colour of something with your mind; Try stretching your fingers out to the length of a ruler; Try walking through a wall or gently putting your hand through a solid object. These are only a few tests. Basically, try to do something considered (by scientists) as impossible in this dimension.

If none of the above 'tests' work, it's cool. What you're trying to do remember, is to just condition yourself to test reality whenever anything absurd occurs. If you're conditioned up enough, this is what will happen:

At night you'll be in bed having a dream. Then something bizarre, improbable, highly emotional or surreal will occur (which as we all know - happens quite regularly in dreams). A huge pink elephant might fly past you; You may be deeply fearful of a monster chasing after you; A dead relative you've just been thinking about may 'magically' appear in front of you...

The possibilites are truly endless. Because you've programmed yourself to question reality when the strange pops up, you'll find yourself doing the same in your dreams. You'll see a flying pink elephant, and you'll ask yourself "Hmmm - That's strange...Is this a Dream?", you'll then perform a 'Reality Test' like moving something with your mind...and presto - To your shock and moves!

Welcome to Lucid-Land baby!

Another thing to remember once you become lucid is to not get too emotional or excited about it as you'll probably just wake up from your dream (remember - High Emotion is just one of the techniques The Dream uses to suck you into its illusion but it's also one of the greatest tools for Awaken). Try to always remain calm & centered. This keeps you in control, balanced and lucid.

Once you go lucid, the possibilties are limited only by your imagination. I personally love flying on my own. I love visiting other planets, realms, times and dimensions. I love speaking with Guides, Spirit Beings, our Space Brethren etc. I love 'becoming' other people, animals, plants, planets, clouds, waterfalls, entire flocks of birds etc. I love flying Starships; performing concerts; creating paintings, planets or snowflakes. I love making love... I love visiting the future, the past and parallel universes. I can become the Universe, or I can be a bee-hive, an atom, or a Binary Star System.

You are totally FREE to Be any part of yOUR SELF. ...and to do anything you can possibly imagine... I'm certain the more you experience this lucid state, the more in touch you become with your own Divinity, Magic & Power. And you eventually bring this ONEdrous state of being into your own day-to-day life, appreciating it for the true ONEder that it is and infusing it with your own inspired outlook. You begin to live with more Awareness, Wakefulness and Consciousness WHEREVER you are! ...whichever dream you may find yourself in!

Another path you can take when you're lucid is to just observe that which appears before you - knowing full well that it is You who is creating it all. In effect, you can then interpret the Dream as it's happening (for a deeper sense of learning and personal spiritual growth). You don't have to consciously manipulate or create anything, just sit back and be in awe of what your subconscious, unconscious or superconscious is throwing up at you - and in this, you'll be meeting parts of your SELF you never imagined existed.

Meet your SELF. Recognise all parts. Accept. Heal. Learn. Grow. All aspects of You ~ Bring them Home...into your Heart. Be the conscious (lucid) Unifyer of all your multidimensional selves. Become ONE...with All...of YOU.

Lucidity attained in one realm is like the first Domino falling. Once you've programmed yourself to be'll be Awake everywhere. You begin to 'real-eyes' that You create everything in ALL of your various realities, which leads you to taking responsibility for everything & every experience in your Life...which in turn erases all forms of 'victim-consciousness'.

You fall in Love with your SELF by unconditionally loving everything & everyONE around you (& vice versa) - because it's all ONE & The Same. The consequences of Being Lucid is far-reaching, all-encompassing, lovingly inclusive and truly ONE-der-full. And this is why I AM sharing this...

Buddhist Lamas have been practising all of this for centuries. They've dubbed it 'Tibetan Dream Yoga'. Why be just a character in a Lama's dream, when you can be Awake within your own...?

"The best way to become lucid within a to 'real-eyes' that all of it is ONE"

Sweet Lucid Dream Divine ONE - in EVERY dream You may dream.

Your Parallel Self & Fellow ONEironaut : I AM.

(In effect - You are dreaming all of this up right sending you this message; the words in front of you. You're creating it all on the spot.

What you CHOOSE to do from this point onward is purely up to You. And no matter what you choose, it is always the 'right' choice. Trust the YOUniverse in this.

Blessed Be.)

pps : Why not do a Reality Check & Test right now? I mean, are you absolutely certain that all of this is 'real'? Hmmm? What have you got to lose...besides one helluvan illusion!?

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