Thursday, July 07, 2005

My mind wide open.......

(This image sort of explains how I feel.)

This is me pouring out what's in my mind. It has been another one of those days where you just wonder "what's the point?". I ask myself that question quite a bit. It's almost as if I "understand" things so well that nothing makes any sense. If you can grasp that. Have you ever repeated a word to yourself over and over until the word just souded really odd? Or maybe I'm the only weirdo that has done that. But, that's what it's like. I look around and see all these things, and I just don't get it. People starving when there's more than enough to go around. People being homeless when there are others living in 2 million square foot mansions. People dying from disease and illness when we're constantly working on medical miracles. I just don't get it. I understand that we're here to learn whatever we need to learn, but then there's the physical beauty of the universe. Trees, mountains, oceans, stars, moons, and planets. All so beautiful. Has my mind created all of these things to keep me stuck in the dream? I tend to believe so. But it's so hard to keep that in the forefront of my mind when my human body is so emotionally attatched to the universe around me. And if I have created this dream.....what does reality feel like? I say feel because i don't think we have sight in "reality". I don't think our minds can comprehend what we truly are. And if they can't, physical form is out of the question. I can't say only time will tell because I don't think time even exists. Only in awakening will we know reality. Each day that passes, and every question I ask leads me further in my awakening. Until that day I'll continue to keep in mind that things can only get better, and that nothing here can affect me the way my human mind would tell me. I guess that's only a piece of my mind wide open. There's more to come........


Blogger Another Point of You... said...

Love the picture - It draws you in...and projects you out...just like reality.

Here's to Eternity.

"Life is eternal. It's our perception of Life that is short..."


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