Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Are all people real?

Does everyone one we see really exist? I mean, if we don't talk to them or hear there voice, is there really a soul in there? The reason I ask this question is because I'm just not sure what goes through some peoples heads. I see them and the things they do and I just wonder what type of thought process takes place before they make the dicision to do what they do, or think what they think. I'm inclined to think that most people don't have that little voice inside their head that some call a conscience. I myself call it my "true" self. I think some people may just hear white noise. Maybe some people on the inside really don't have a soul. Maybe you who reads this dosen't have a soul of your own. Maybe you're all created in my mind. Maybe nothing beyond my eyes really do exist. And maybe you're sitting there saying the same thing......then what? Who's real, and what's fake? Good question.............maybe one day the answers will magically appear, only inside the mind.


Blogger Another Point of You... said...

Through this 'other' mind of yours...I offer you another of yOUR perspectives on reality, life and the YOUniverse:

"How. Can. You. Be. So. Sure."

How can you be so sure that the Universe actually exists outside your door?
How can you be so sure that you're not making everything up?
How can you be certain that everything in the fridge isn't just there only because you expect it to be?
How do you know if you really woke up in bed this morning - or if you only dreamt it?
How do you know you're not dreaming right now?
How do you know you're not the dream your bed is having?
How do you know if these words on this screen are not just a figment of your imagination?
How do you know you're not the only ONE?
Could everyONE in the world be just your imaginary friends? You hear traffic in the streets, birds in the trees - see clouds in the sky, dust on the furniture...But how do you know you didn't create it all? ARE creating it all - right now?!
How do you know you're not that powerful, that creative, and that amazing?
You were told that you were born...but how do you know you didn't just make that up...or made up the people who told you this?
You have an idea that you existed five minutes ago...but do you have proof?
Or are you just going to create that 'proof' out of thin air as well?
How do you know death isn't just a word?
How do you know that for as far as your 'I' can see, you're not just imagining it all on the spot?
How can you be so sure that YOU are not just a figment in someONE else's imagination?
When someone leaves the room you're in, how can you be sure they continue to exist? Or if the room exists for that matter? Or that 'you' exist?
How can you be certain it's not all just Maya? Lila? A Grand Play? A Dream or Illusion? An incredible life-like Simulation? A Divine Symphony in which You are the Conductor?
How can you be sure that You are not being read by 'these' words?
When you exhale, how can you be sure it's not the YOUniverse inhaling You?


How. Can. You. Be. So. Sure.

ps ~ Your perception of the YOUniverse reMINDs me so much of my own...Hmmm, I ONEder why?

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