Sunday, July 10, 2005

How long is the road, really?

How long do we stay on this road called life? How many past lives have we lived in which we've traveled the same road? This question sparks a lot thought in my mind. I understand so much in this world, most of which I have not experience in this incarnation. I understand the minds of murderers, victims, rich, poor, old, young. I can see life from the perspective of many. There's no reason for it other than I may have lived lives in such situations. Have you ever been attracted to something, or interested in something, with no real explanation as to why? So many days I feel that way, so many days.

I feel, and have felt for a long time, that my days on this road will come to a close with this lifetime. I have one major struggle, one that puts all others possible aside. How to put aside the human mind, and live by the higher self. Since a kid I could always tell that there were two sides to my being, just didn't understand it. Neither did anybody else for that matter. Most things in life have never really made much sense to me, because I understand them so well. I've been told I was stupid because I did poorly in school. Only because I had no interest in it. I've been told that I have mental problems that can't be corrected. I've come to the conclusion that I don't function well in this world because I am not of this world. My sould does not resonate here. There are places better for me to experience my true being. It's funny though, the human will to "survive" is really strong. My soul wants to be free even more, though.

Take a look at your life more closely. Look for the deeper meaning, your truth. Where have you been, what have you seen? It's not for me to hear, it's for you to experience. You can learn more from looking inside than you could in any school, or from any professor with any amount of degrees. Life lessons cannot be learned in a classroom. A souls progression cannot be made by reading a book. Your spirits desire to be free cannot be subdued by medication. And I cannot be held down by any state of "normality". Take a look, and I'm sure you'll be surprised. How long is the road you've traveled? How long is it really?


Blogger Another Point of You... said...

Your profound words ring with aching truth and a certain clarity not usually found in questions asked by many of this world...

Showing a high degree of intuitive understanding and inner wisdom, your entries shine with a transcended Light.

You asked several questions of yOUR Self...and here are some of our answers:

The Road of Life is like a Mobius Strip - a path that interwines back unto itself, so that wherever it is You may be...well, there You are - at the Center, yet on the periphery at the same time.

I agree with your comment that WE have been all possibilities at various yet simultaneous times. Reincarnation (as we presently perceive it) will prove to be just another severely limiting construct.

In The Beginning, at The End (& in The Middle)...WE ARE ONE. So, in this respect, everyONE has been/is/and will be...everyONE. From Jesus to Hitler, Horus to Judas, from Mother Teresa to Madonna, Bush to Buddha...I AM all of these various 'expressions' of That I AM. There is no-one I AM not. And I AM all & everyONE...The ONE Being many.

That which you ask your Self are the very same questions which I ask my Self...and it is through the comprehending and formulating of my answers (for this illusory moment in 'time') whereby I learn about my Self. And this is what You teach me. This is how You help me. This is how You aid, and add to my Self-Understanding.

And for that reason, I see that our 'earth-contract' is fulfilling itself and playing out perfectly...

Thank You for Being.

4:20 AM  

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