Friday, August 19, 2011

My Kids

I see in their eyes a side of myself and
though a little scary, this is my
contribution to our world.  Vibrant
and full of energy, they definitely
have one up on the childhood I
survived.  I'm glad I can make it so.
There's plenty they don't know which
I do intend to share, but for now
their innocence shall remain.  Perhaps
I've expected too much of my boy, and
try to hold my daughter too close.  I
assure you, however, both are done with
the utmost of love in mind.  No matter
how hard my day, walking in the door
to shouts of "dada" and a high five
from the boy, make all of that dissolve
instantly.  The moments I've shared with
my daughter after a midnight shift, when
we are the only ones up, I'll never forget.
I have those memories with my son as
well, although now he's sleeping in and
wants to watch cartoons in the a.m.  While
I'm not sure if they'll ever remember, I know
I'll never forget.  Some things they'll never
know in the first place.  I see the child
in them and it gives back some of the
child in me that I really never had.  The
stability I can create for them is the stability
I never had.  It's not a perfect world we
live in, but I am as close to it as one
can get.  I have two wonderful kids that
I love and I only hope they know it.