Tuesday, November 11, 2008

One Soul Nation

It's a one soul nation/folks of a higher elevation/I'd say its been a rude awakenin'/everyday wakin'/my alarm clock sayin'/one, one, and then another one and another one/ at first it was a lonesome hum/am I the only one?/and a search had begun/numbers on the run.......

There's a rude vibration/like this beat turned spirit automation/i been given information/out of nowhere it came with no explanation/until the day I came upon the one soul nation/in the form of a forum and its blue screen captivation/exasperated by my search/I began questioning with a lurch/drunken with elation/to have finally unearthed/the one soul nation/and its people on the verge........

Now it gets deep/the numbers are our commonality/our differences many/our purpose is plenty-full/we come from every direction/we each add a piece to the eleven/our ideas are the extension/to the other eleven/bridging a gap between many generations/raw determination/I'm tellin you, it's a mass elevation......of the one soul nation



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