Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Philosophically Speaking

During a recent conversation with a friend, I said something that made us both speachless. We were talking about the beliefs that others hold about the Absolute, religion, and just life in general. Most of us think we know something of the Absolute. We think the religion we follow is the complete truth. How could this be? How could we, just a small fragment of the Absolute, claim to know that which the Absolute is? This idea, to me, is the definition of ignorance.

Everything that we as human being know, everything we are, is not that which is the Absolute. We are a piece of that Absolute, therefore we have within us that which is Absolute. This word may become repetitive, but there is a reason for that. It is the only word within this work that has any True meaning. In it lies the only truth of reality. Being a human creation, it still does no justice to that which is Truth.

Back to the conversation. In the heat of our discussion I blurted something out. Something I felt right before it actually occured, yet there was no premeditation to this statement. Basically, in the moments right before, during and after I felt this did not come from me. It came from my lips, yet I, my person, did not create it. The both of us felt it within our innermost reality, more so than we understood.

My statement: "What is the one thing that is not human? The one thing that lacks creation? The one thing that takes no thought, nor effort? One thing that is Truth, and cannot be distorted in any way? The one thing that just is? Nothingness. Bend your mind around that one." That last part was me having heard what just came out of my mouth, knowing it wasn't of my own accord. I was making a joke of our humanness.

Nothingness. You can't bend your mind around it. There isn't anything there to bend your mind around. This is why it cannot be distorted. Cannot be altered. Actually, the more you try to think about it, the less potential you will have to be it. We can hold no ideas about nothingness. The more I try to understand things, the more confused and frustrated I become. Take all of this away, and what do you have?

The Absolute is simplicity. We are flesh and bone, yes. But break us down to our simplest form and we are merely energy. Are thoughts are energy. I am not saying the Absolute is nothingness, not at all. In fact, the Absolute is a huge something. What I am saying is that it takes nothingness for us to come as close to the truth as one can come. Take all of our ideas and beliefs, everything we thought we ever knew, and we are left with nothing. It is pure ignorance for us to claim that we know the Truth. And since that is so, take it all away. If our minds take as far from the truth as possible, logic tells us the exact opposite would take us as close to it as one can come.

Think what you will of this. But, truth is Truth. Nothingness, stillness, quiet...........depletion of all thought does not lie. The more I write about this, the more my human mind wants to get in the way. There is nothing else to say. Bend your mind around that one.