Thursday, October 13, 2005

It Is What It Is

Close your eyes and open your mind/We're about to journey through the thoughts that are mine/It's time that I pour out what's in my heart, line after line/Since the beginning I've been told to hold and never opine/But I've got this urge to rid myself of this insanity/This world that hates itself and degrades itself through humanity/What a calamity it would be, for me to lie down and accept this worlds misery through claiming "tragedy"/It's a sham, do you see?/Since age six, we're told the United States is the shit/"I pledge allegiance to the flag" of a country I don't understand/A land where you're free to see what they want you to be/For this is what we call individuality/En route to my nine to five as my kid walks up in a school with a nine killing five/Not to mention his self/It's not my fault, I was at work chasing a wealth to add to his health and well being/Now I'm seeing that I must trun to God for the answers/This just transfers the insanity from that of humanity to christianity/God, why me?/Now I might not be socially accepted/Soon the answers fail to come/Why didn't God look out for my son?/These things can't be undone/I've managed to escape the thought patrol/Somehow I've been able to regain control of my own soul/This is what I've seen all my life/Yet I've eluded this strife/This is why I put myself under the knife, or the gun/Either one, the expectation is the same/Change, or remain of the same mind frame/Today I choose this way/A metemorphisis on display/A man turns to his soul, and lives to see another day